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  • Home / Internet / News / Offer / CG Telecom Launched “CG Net” Fiber Internet Service In Nepal

    CG Telecom Launched “CG Net” Fiber Internet Service In Nepal

    CG Telecom Launched CG Net Fiber Internet Service In Nepal

    CG Communications has launched an internet service. The company has brought CG Net at half the price of internet service available in the Nepali market.

    High-speed internet service is expected to have a positive impact on consumer efficiency and improve the quality of service provided by the public and private sectors. CG Communications will provide 120 Mbps CG Net at Rs. 999.

    CG Communications believes that the consumer-centric service has been launched and will bring a whole new experience to the lives of consumers.

    CG Net is a nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) that will provide Internet services for both businesses and individuals.

    The company said it would launch IPTV and other popular services in the near future.

    CG Net has used the latest generation of technology available in the global market to address the growing use and demand for video, OTT platforms, work from home, online classes.

    Initially, the company’s services will be available in all three districts of the Kathmandu Valley. For the time being, the residents of Jawalakhel, Jamsikhel, Bhanimandal, and Ekantakuna will be able to avail of the services of the company.

    CG Net will be expanded in all areas of the Kathmandu Valley within 12 months. The service will be available within 6 to 24 hours of requesting to connect the company’s service to the homes of consumers in the mentioned areas.

    All network expansion information is available at www.cgnet.com.np.

    The company aims to expand CG Net across the country by the end of 2078 BS.

    The company’s customer service centers will currently be located at CG Digital’s branches in Jawalakhel, Kumaripati, Kirtipur, Nayabazar, Min Bhawan, and Trade Tower Thapathali.

    Along with the network expansion, customer service centers will be added in other areas of Kathmandu Valley as well, the company said.

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    The company has set a monthly fee of Rs 999 for 120Mbps speed internet on the occasion of launching the service.

    The connection and router are provided free of cost for the consumers who take the annual package. Similarly, monthly and 3-month and 6-month packages will be free of cost.

    Managing Director of CG Communications, Nirvana Chaudhary, said that the CG Net service was launched in line with its commitment to provide high-quality and cheap internet to Nepali consumers.

    “High-speed internet has become essential in daily life and the demand is also increasing,” said Chaudhary. “CG has not spared any effort to show its strong presence in Nepal’s competitive broadband market. Our presence will mean a lot to take the country to the digital age. ”

    He said Nokia’s technology would enable it to provide high-speed service and meet the growing market demand of the future. CG Communications is a company working in the field of information technology under the Chaudhary Group.

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    CG has stated that it is committed to operating telecom services in Nepal based on the latest generation technology available in the world market.

    The company also mentioned CG Net as its first step in the field of information technology.

    CG net Introductory Offers

    Plan  1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
    120Mbps 999 2,997 5,994 11,988
    One time Set-Up charge
    Installation Charge Free Free Free Free
    Drop Wire Charge Free Free Free Free
    Single Band Router 2500 2000 1500 Free
    Dual Band Router 3500 3000 2500 Free
    Refundable deposit 500 500 500 500
    Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now


    1. All prices are TSC inclusive
    2. 13% VAT applicable
    3. Fair Usage Policy is applicable
    4. Refundable deposit to be returned when subscriber returns the router in working condition

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