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  • Home / Android Applications / Huawei / Huawei Harmony OS Operating System

    Huawei Harmony OS Operating System


    Huawei has launched the “Harmony OS” operating system. Huawei’s in-house development operating system can be used on smartphones and smart devices.

    The question is, can the “Harmony OS” operating system compete with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS?

    Currently, Android and iOS have a ‘Duopoly’ or 99% market share. How can “Harmony OS”  operating system move forward in such a situation?

    Huawei has been trying to bring its own operating system since 2012. Not to mention that 7 years later, in 2019, Huawei was blacklisted by the US and the company brought “Harmony OS” .

    But, it was built entirely based on Google’s Android. At the same time, however, Huawei was banned from using any product manufactured by the US company. After that, the company was not in a position to expand “Harmony OS” based on Android.

    Harmony OS was launched in 2016. Harmony OS was being used in various IoT based devices as a backup of Android.

    According to the company, now based on this, developers will be able to easily create various products. Harmony OS, available as an open source, is completely different from Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS.

    This OS is currently built to meet the growing demand for connected devices. It will help provide a new user experience by building its own separate platform, similar to Apple’s.

    Harmony OS for smartphones and other smart devices

    In 2019, Huawei first used “Harmony OS” on smart TVs. Which was an Honor brand TV. But on Wednesday, the company unveiled the Harmony OS-based flagship smartphone Mate 40 and Mate X2 foldable phones.

    Harmony OS has also been used in Huawei’s Watch Series 3 and Mate Pay Pro tablets.

    After the US ban Huawei Company in 2019, no Android phone update has been available on any of Huawei’s phones. But now, “Harmony OS” can be updated on older Huawei phones, the company said. This update has started from Wednesday and will be available to all users within this year.

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    The company’s revenue fell by the end of 2020 due to US sanctions. The company lost huge revenue due to the big push in the smartphone market. As a result, the company is increasingly focusing on other electric devices. This does not mean that the company is preparing to withdraw from smartphones.

    However, the company is strengthening its ecosystem. According to the company, “Harmony OS” will support more than 100 of the company’s products. He said that 300 million devices will be operational by the end of this year.

    In fact, the “Harmony OS” operating system has been developed to be used for smart devices such as smartphones, pads, watches, TVs, cars.

    Availability of apps

    Currently, iOS and Android applications are popular.  Although Samsung and Microsoft have tried this, they have not succeeded. This is the challenge for Huawei. Unless there is an app, the software alone will not work.

    For this, it is necessary to attract the developer. However, Huawei is focusing a lot on this.

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    The company has been providing various offers to the developers as well as facilitating them to work on “Harmony OS”.

    Experts say that the developer can also build an app on Huawei’s Harmony as he sees the benefits for himself.

    Huawei has launched a mobile service similar to Google’s. In which the necessary kits for the developers have been provided. So far, 2.7 million developers have been added to the Huawei mobile service.

    Huawei has also launched its own app gallery. Of which, there are more than 54 million monthly active users. This means that Huawei is expected to make some changes. If other companies adopt Huawei’s Harmony OS, the market can be expected to expand even faster.

    Based on all this, the Harmony OS that Huawei has unveiled seems to be a major challenge for other operating systems in the future.

    Harmony is not a copy of Android

    Huawei’s development of the Harmony operating system was like trying to develop its own software like Android. But other things can be inferred from the features shown during the public announcement of the operating system.

    One feature of the Harmony operating system is that the same operating system can be used on all Huawei gadgets. The software on your smartphone is also used on your smartwatch, tablet or headphones.

    Different Apple products or different gadgets from Google have different operating systems. But the Harmony operating system remains the same in all devices. It will also make it easier for developers to create apps that can be used on a variety of devices.

    For example, both Apple and Google are struggling to come up with a feature that allows them to view data from a smartwatch by connecting a smartphone to a 4K camera while unveiling the Harmony operating system. But, for the “Harmony OS” operating system, it looks very comfortable.

    Huawei is one of the many companies that have a strategy to make smartphones and other devices that connect to smartphones and then build an ecosystem of additional devices. This means that smartphones are at the heart of the network of many devices that connect to the web.

    Connecting a smartphone to an Android phone and connecting Chromecast and other devices often leads to connection problems. Which is very difficult However, the features provided by Huawei’s “Harmony OS” operating system seem to be uninterrupted.

    Huawei has shown customers a clear picture of how to use their products. The Huawei Watch in hand, the Mate Forty Pro in the smartphone pocket, the MatePad Pro in the backpack and the Vision Farke TV on the wall, the Mat eBook X Pro on the table and the FreeBud in the customer’s ear.

    In order to enjoy the most features of the Harmony operating system, the user must have several devices in their hands and pockets.

    For this, you have to spend a lot on Huawei’s device. Most of Huawei’s products are priced at a premium price.

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