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  • Home / How to / Easy way to type Nepali Unicode

    Easy way to type Nepali Unicode


    If Nepali internet users have to type in Nepali, they can go to any site or app and write in Nepali language by converting what is written in font etc. into Unicode. Then they copy and paste it where it should be posted. Some even have Google Input Tools on their computers

    There are many ways to type in Nepali Unicode. In this article, we will discuss about the specialized Romanized Unicode and also about the traditional Unicode.

    Methods used for typing Nepali Unicode

    1. Using Romanized Unicode
    2. Using traditional Unicode
    3. Using Google Input Tools
    4. Using Preeti to Unicode Converter
    5. Using the Nepali language of Windows

    Nepali Romanized Unicode layout

    Nepali letters are written based on English letters in Romanized layout. When speaking in English, Nepali letters can be easily written directly from Devanagari to the same sounds. Due to which any Nepali letter or word can be easily written in a Romanized layout. You can write Nepali in Romanized with the text of the Nepali letters.

    Nepali Romanized Keyboard layout

    Nepali Romanized Keyboard layout

    We have read ‘ka’ – ‘क’, ‘kha’ – ‘ख’, but in Romanized layout, you have to write ‘k’ to write ‘क’ and to write ‘ख’ you have to write a big ‘K’. The same thing applies with Google translate ‘ka’ – ‘क’ and ‘kha’ – ‘ख’, are written. Let’s look at some examples below.





    ad space

    These are just a few examples, often the same ‘English’ lowercase and uppercase letters are used for the same sounding letter in Romanized Unicode. This keyboard can be easily used by anyone as it is paired with English letters according to the structure (sound) of Nepali letters.

    For writing size, Akar, Ukaar, etc., according to the structure of the Nepali letter can be written by typing a letter similar to English. It is important to understand that in a Romanized Unicode layout, you do not have to write ‘spelling’. In the Romanized layout, type the English Roman according to the structure of the Nepali alphabet. Because of this, Nepalis can write as accurately as they want. The shift + letter work for short and long.

    ad space

    And the ‘/’ sign is used to write half letter/cut letter/joined letter.

    Some letters cannot be found on the keyboard. For those letters, you have to write two letters together, but since those letters are also written on the basis of structure, it becomes very easy to get used to writing.

    At this time, everyone uses versions of the operating system Windows and Linux. Which already includes a Nepali Unicode keyboard based on the Mapupu layout. The user has to go to the computer language and keyboard settings and choose Nepali Unicode (Traditional or Romanized).

    For mobile, our keyboard, from Nepali keyboard to Google keyboard manufactured by Google, includes Nepali Unicode Romanized and Traditional keyboard based on Mapupu’s layout. Keyboards designed for mobiles also include the Romanized keyboard layout developed by Mapupu, so you can type in the same way everywhere, be it computer or mobile.

    To type Nepali by Romanized method

    First download the Romanized Unicode file and save it on your computer.

    Now double click on the file and install it on the computer by clicking on ‘Next’, ‘Next’.

    1. Go to Region and Language >> Keyboards and Language from Computer Control Panel.
    2. Click on “Change Keyboards…” below it. Now click on “Add…” in the window that opens.
    3. Now scroll down to “Add Input Language” and click on the plusmark (+) in front of Nepali (Nepal). Then click on the plusmark (+) next to ‘Keyboard’ and select “Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout”.
    4. Finally Ok >> Apply >> Ok and exit.

    Typing this Unicode to match the layout of the old keyboard makes it feel comfortable for those who are used to typing in the old way.

    Especially like Preeti, Kantipur, Sagarmatha. The layout of the .ttf font file has been developed to match.

    In the keyboard layout, start typing with ‘ब, क म ा न’ on the left and ‘स ि प व ज’ on the right in the starting line.

    ad space

    At first glance, it may seem like an old-fashioned way, but with a little bit of intuition, you can learn new things and type correctly.

    Since the axes that can be brought from the first Alt + code setting are not from this system, traditional Unicode typing becomes a target between two streams for some.

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