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    Android 11 Operating System


    Currently, most of the phones running the Android 11 operating system made public by Google. Popular Android phones are also building phones based on the same operating system. This update will be available on Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. phones.

    These are some of the features of Android 11


    Android 11 has improved text conversation. Google keeps the notification of your conversations separate so that it comes to the top of the notification bar and excludes notifications from similar apps. Our important messages are not missed when this happens.


    Google has brought its official bubbles feature for conversation. Everyone who uses Messenger knows about this feature.

    With the help of this feature, you can reply to a message without closing the running app. For this feature to work, apps need to bring updates that match this feature.

    Built-in screen recording

    Until now, screen recording on Android used to be a bit of a hassle. Because I had to download a different app for this, but now it doesn’t happen. Now you can record content including voice from your own mobile.

    Quick access to smart devices

    Now the control screen can be brought by pressing the power button and the smart device can be controlled.

    Can control media

    Sometimes it is very difficult to turn off the audio on Android. Android 11 allows you to control which media device to output from. Now you can start a song session from the menu without going to the playlist.

    Protection of privacy

    Since Android 10, Google has taken the issue of privacy seriously. Now the company will give any app access to some features like camera, location, microphone only once.

    Similarly, you have not downloaded and used any app. Auto-reset lets you know about apps you haven’t used.

    Feature only available in pixels

    The other features above can be used on all Android 11 running mobiles but the live view sharing feature of any location only works on pixels. Better screenshots and text selection features are also available in pixels only.

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