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  • Home / Apple / IOS Applications / News / WWDC 2021: the latest news from Apple’s annual developer conference

    WWDC 2021: the latest news from Apple’s annual developer conference


    Apple’s big event ‘World Wide Developer Conference 2021’ (WWDC 2021) has started on June 7. This program will run until June 11.

    Apple introduces a variety of new software through the WWDC program, which is held every year. Due to the Corona epidemic, this year’s event is virtually organized.

    Apple products have undergone major modifications in software including iOS, iPad OS, Watch OS, Mac OS.

    Also, what did Apple bring in through the program? What kind of modifications has been made to the software?  We will give you information about the whole subject here.

    IOS 15

    The WWDC 2021 program started with a new update coming to iOS. This update will focus on four things. They are ‘Stay Connected’, ‘Finding Focus’, ‘Using Intelligence’ and ‘Exploring the World’. Which will be available to users in the form of a beta version next July.

    FaceTime update:

    FaceTime is a video calling tool available on iOS.

    • Spatial audio

    One of the important features added to FaceTime is ‘Spatial Audio’. This will make you feel the sound of your friends coming from the front of the screen.  Similarly, ‘Voice Isolation’ feature has been made available for easy communication even in noisy places. Which reduces external noise and sends only the user’s sound.

    • Portrait mode

    Another important feature added to FaceTime is ‘Patriot Mode’. Previously available in the camera, the mode is now also available in FaceTime. With the help of which the user will be able to talk by blurring his back.

    • Face time link

    Another important feature added to FaceTime is FaceTime Link. Users will now be able to create a FaceTime link and share the link with their other friends to add to the video call.

    • Share play

    Another important feature added to FaceTime is ‘Share Play’. Now you can watch videos and listen to music with your friends on FaceTime.

    In the first phase, Apple has only partnered with Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO and TikTok in this feature. This means that only videos from these platforms can be shared and viewed. Friends can also control the app.

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    Focus mode:

    Another new feature added to iOS is Focus mode. You can move the phone to any mode you want. This means that if you put it in work mode during work, only the apps needed for work will be shown and the rest of the apps will not be visible.

    Other modes are of the following types

    • Do Not Disturb
    • Personal
    • Work
    • Sleep

    Live text

    Now the camera available in iOS will recognize the letter in the photo. Whatever it is handwritten or printed. This way the letter can be identified and copied and pasted. It is said that not only the letters but also the species of the animal can be identified by the live text.

    Apple Wallet

    Apple Wallet available on iOS has also undergone significant modifications. Apple has made it possible to keep the keys of your home, hotel, office in your wallet. It may sound strange, but you can use the wallet as a ‘key’ for electric doors. In addition, an encrypted copy of your license can be kept in the wallet.

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    Apple Map

    Updates will also be available on Apple Maps. In which the map has been made more effective. Features like 3D elevation, 3D render landmark, crosswalk, bike lens have been added to Apple Map.

    AirPad Update

    Apple has said that some new updates will be available on its AirPad through the program. The first of which is ‘Conversation Mode’. Which will allow you to control the ambient voice.

    In that case, talking on the phone will not be a problem like going to the other side. In addition, the ‘Find My Support’ option has been added to the AirPad. This will help you find the missing AirPad.

    iPad OS

    The iPad OS will now have a home screen widget. You can have any widget, big or small. The App Library feature will also be available on the iPad OS. Also multitasking menu has been added. That said, the person can now be mapped and shared in the Notes app.

    In addition, the feature of translating tickets in different languages ​​will also be made available. Even if there is a conversation between two people, the feature will translate. The beta version will be available in July and the full version will be available later.

    Security Update

    Mail app will now hide the user’s IP address, location everything. An ‘App Privacy Report’ is provided in the settings, which will tell you how to secure your location, photos, and contacts through the app.

    Apple will no longer record what you say. But Siri will now work offline as well. Another Apple will provide the facility to put the contact number in the iCloud recovery option.

    If you are locked out in iCloud, you can keep a friend who can help you. With the help of which access to iCloud can be regained.

    Health update

    Now your iPhone will analyze your gait, step timing and more. Which will inform you about the stability of your walk. Now you can safely share information about your health with your relatives.

    Watch OS

    Now Watch OS will also recognize your breathing rate. This will tell you how many times you breathe in one minute intervals. Also added is a patrol watch face. Through which you can create the layout of the watch as you wish.

    The event is expected to unveil a new operating system from iPhone to Apple Watch. In addition, many new products may be made public.

    Mac OS

    The most important update to MacOS is MacOS Monterey. You can now watch videos on Mac OS by sharing them with your friends through FaceTime. Also, ‘Universal Control’ will be available. Through which the same mouse and keyboard can now control multiple Macs.

    Airplay will now be available on Mac. Through which you can show the content of Airplay on the screen of Mac. Another feature is the ‘shortcut’. The automated system in iOS will now be available on Mac as well. With the help of which the file can be ‘drag and drop’.

    The tab on the Mac will now be made a little smaller. A new feature called Tab Group will be available. Through which tabs can be organized and kept.

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