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  • Home / Apple / Smartwatches Review / Apple’s new smart watch

    Apple’s new smart watch


    Apple is working hard to build its new version of the smart watch, the Apple Watch. The new version of the Apple Watch is called the Extreme Sport model.

    The new Apple Watch is said to have excellent display and speed as well as various state-of-the-art features related to health. Among the health features in the new Apple Watch, sensors that measure body temperature and blood sugar are considered to be the most important.

    The new smartwatch of the Apple Watch Series Seven will have a high-capacity processor, wireless connectivity and an upgraded screen.

    The new model of the Apple Watch, which will be launched later this year, was intended to have a body temperature sensor, but the Apple Watch, which will be launched in 2022, is expected to have that feature.

    The Blood Sugar sensor in the Apple Watch will help monitor the blood glucose levels of diabetics on a regular basis.

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    Currently, measuring body temperature has become an essential part of Covid-19 infection testing. Due to which the demand for various thermometers and gadgets is becoming very high. Some companies have even brought small digital thermometers that can be charged by the charging port of a smart phone.

    With the addition of a body temperature sensor to its smartwatch, Apple will be competing with other smartwatches and fitness bands. As a result, Apple’s smartwatch will have to compete with Google’s Fitbit as well as Garmin and Casio.

    Detecting blood sugar through the skin

    Apple has been researching a smart feature to monitor blood sugar for a long time and this feature will be a feature of Apple that none of its competitors have brought in their smart watches so far.

    So far, Apple and others have relied on apps that allow users to input their own glucose levels.

    Similarly, medical device companies like Dexcom measure blood sugar and share data with Apple Watch. Until recently, blood was extracted by making a hole in the tip of a finger to measure a person’s blood sugar level immediately. But Apple is preparing to bring a feature to its smartwatch that will detect blood sugar levels through human skin without blood.

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